Focus On: Annette Norton

I own a local department store on Main Street: Savvy+Grace. It went from a retail business to e-commerce and call in order business overnight. I am still working, shipping locally & getting the store ready for when we can re-open. 

It’s hard not seeing my customers and co-workers. Trying everything to keep my business going during this challenging time but I truly feel the community is amazing. Once it hit Westport, the community took the necessary actions to flatten the curve. I see people walking more, bonding more, and shopping local more. The community has only grown closer from this.  

The community has only grown closer from this.

My greatest hope is that we all see how it is easy to take things for granted. That this pandemic brings out more gratitude, kindness and love in us all. It’s hard on all of us for same and different reasons My coping mechanisms for me have been God, Family & Friends (and maybe a little more wine!-ha-ha). I won’t call it a fear but I do keep thinking of the kids and how hard this is on them as well.  

As a business owner in town, I am so grateful for the community and that it realizes how important it is to ‘shop local’. It is not just a trendy saying. I have seen first-hand, during these times….Westport means it and rallies. It is beautiful and heart-warming. I know this will pass and together, we will be stronger for it.  

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