A steward of the past to create a better present and future

The Westport Museum for History and Culture has been a cultural and educational organization dedicated to preserving, presenting and celebrating the history of Westport since its founding in 1889. We bring you an honest retelling of history so that we may move forward together toward a more hopeful future.

Your support makes a big difference. Your contribution helps fund all aspects of our work in serving the public by learning from our past and guiding our future.

Your decision to support the Westport Museum inspires a world where everyone’s story matters equally. Together, we are operating from three basic beliefs.

1. Tell the truth.

Even when it’s uncomfortable. 

2. Everyone’s story matters. 

We are here to share and amplify these stories.

3. Serve the greater good. 

The only way we progress is if we learn from the past. 

“Westport Museum is not just the keeper of Westport’s history. It plays an active role in the community by offering varied educational programs, children’s activities, innovative exhibits, and a look into our past. I am so happy to be a part of an organization that defines what my town is all about and delighted that I can contribute to it in a meaningful and appreciated way.”

— Arlene, Westport Resident