Focus On: Alana Flinn & Family

We’ve lived in Westport for 9 years and have two young girls. I’m a stay at home mom and my husband, Brian, is the CMO at WWE. He never works from home, so this is a welcome change to physically have him in the house during the day.  Our girls attend KHS and are in K and 4th grade. Homeschooling is a large portion of our day. As they are younger, homeschooling requires a lot of hand holding and guiding. Finding time for myself or to work on things around the house are scarce.  

We are trying to stay as active as possible in the afternoon, and enjoying being together as a family when time allows a time out from work. We are enjoying long walks in a deserted downtown and exploring parts of Westport that we may otherwise not have time to enjoy. 

I feel SO fortunate to live in Westport right now. I think that our town representatives have done a phenomenal job since this crisis has begun. From being one of the first to close our schools, to encouraging us to stay home, daily communication and constant reminders and updates – I am SO impressed and proud of living in Westport. I think that our community was “ahead of the curve,” and my hope is that we come out of this faster and grow stronger together. 

My greatest hope coming out of this pandemic is that people slow down and be more kind – re-prioritize what is important in life. It is lovely to see neighbors walking and playing in the streets, seeing Westport active – running and biking in areas that are generally not used for these purposes. People are shopping for the elderly and immune-compromised, pitching in to help each other with supplies, and supporting people on the front line. While the reality of the pandemic can make us sad and scared, there is some real good coming out of it. 

My greatest hope…is that people slow down and be more kind – re-prioritize what is important in life

One of the hardest things for our family has been not having direct contact with parents and grandparents. I am fortunate that my mother and stepfather live in Westport, and my father lives in Southport. We made the decision to only have social-distance approved contact with them several weeks ago. Not being able to embrace and see them interact directly with their granddaughters is hard. We look forward to a time when hugs and kisses return! 

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