Focus On: Lindsay Bilchik & Family

This has been a special time for our family of 3 to be together before baby number 2 arrives in mid-May. We are getting creative with ways to entertain our two-year-old son Harley, while both trying to work from home. We’re doing lots of cooking together, playing outside, watching movies and cuddles! 

I am an Interior Designer and I own my own business, L. Kate Interiors LLC. I normally work from home and have clients in the local CT and NY area. Currently there is very little work that I can do since venders are temporarily closed across the nation and contractors cannot go inside homes to finish up projects. I am able to do some design work for future projects but cannot get anything completed for current jobs. Luckily my clients have been very understanding during this time and I hope to get things moving again as soon as we can! I’ve enjoyed seeing how past clients are enjoying spending so much time in their homes that have been fully furnished and designed by LKI. My husband Zach, is a Sales Director for a digital ad tech company. Given the effects of COVID-19 he is now working at home full time vs his normal commute into New York four days a week. Business has definitely been affected, but with all of the advancements in virtual conference calls, he’s still been able to keep up with all of his normal responsibilities from the comfort of his home office (our dining room!). 

I started hearing about it at the end of January but didn’t understand the impact. Now, the biggest change in my daily life is the lack of work that I am able to do at this time. I am used to dropping off my son at daycare every morning and filling my entire day with work until I pick him up. Normally, my days go by fast but I accomplish a lot and that feels good! The things that make me feel accomplished now have completely switched and the days are longer but I am able to have time with my family which is a wonderful silver lining to all this. 

I am very proud of our community. I think we all jumped into Social Distancing very quickly for something that seemed so surreal and foreign to us. Places we all love to go to in town and look forward to visiting are empty, streets are quiet but people are still smiling and friendly. For such a scary time, I am impressed with how we have all handled this. 

Growing up Jewish and learning about the history of our culture and the hardships that were endured has given me a unique perspective on life. Nothing can prepare you to live through what we are experiencing now, but understanding that difficult times have occurred throughout history allows you to look beyond the immediate effect on daily life and see the bigger picture that we’ll make it through okay. 

My hope is that this ends soon but that we don’t forget what we learned. I think this has the potential to change us for the better and how we are as a society and how we treat the planet. Although this is difficult and every single day is hard, I have learned to be much more patient and accepting. I’ve learned to slow down and appreciate the little moments and beauty around me. Thus far I have been very lucky as this virus hasn’t hit anyone in my close inner circle but it does put our lives into perspective. No one is invincible, no one is safe and the true heroes are shining through. We need to celebrate the heroes during and well after this ends, they need to remain the highly respected people we all look up to and appreciate. They should be the people our children want to grow up to be. 

We need to celebrate the heroes during and well after this ends, they need to remain the highly respected people we all look up to

Being a teacher is hard, being a mother is hard, being pregnant is hard, running a business is hard, but being everything at the same time is near impossible. I’m trying to stay positive everyday and giving it my best! 

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