Education & Adventure, 1836-1842

In the last decade before the railroad arrived in Westport, the town was evolving in many ways. The first college preparatory academy in Westport–the Greens Farms Academy–was founded by Ebenezer Banks Adams. So called because it was originally managed by Greens Farms Church, the Academy is not related to the current school of the same name. The school provided advanced education for students hoping to go on to advanced learning institutions. In the first session of the school, it is interesting to note that 9 of 30 students were young ladies. Many graduates of the school went on to Yale, Ebenezer’s alma mater. Today, Westport Historical Society gives 1st grade tours of the antique school house, now colloquially called “Adams Academy” and owned by the Town of Westport. While students studied diligently at Greens Farms Academy a romantic trio of Westport brothers sailed the high seas in search of wealth and adventure. The Sherwood triplets, Frederick, Franklin, and Francis born in 1810, all became ship captains and enjoyed some fame in their time as a result of their unique status. 

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