Nell Dorr: Only Beauty Remains

Context Matters 

Social events do not occur in a vacuum nor should they be interpreted as such. To try and understand a person of historical import, we must first explore the time in which they lived and the situations that shaped them. In order to provide historical context this exhibit is produced in “layers”.

The catalogue offers greater detail about Nell Dorr’s life and work and the online exhibition shares details about the world in which the photographer lived and how events may have influenced or shaped her artistic view. In each section of the exhibit and throughout the catalogue, you will find a QR code that will allow you to learn more. 

The online exhibit is a compliment to the full exhibition at the museum. All of the materials here are exclusive to the online version. Select a topic area to see associated objects, explore resources and learn about Nell Dorr.

Explore resources and other readings to get a better understanding of the world Dorr was apart of.