Westport In Focus: Long Lens Oral History

Westport In Focus is an online exhibit collaboration between the museum and Westport photographer, Jerri Graham. The exhibit will allow Westporters from all walks of life to tell their own stories about living in the Connecticut town considered “ground zero” for the Coronavirus epidemic in the state. Westport in Focus marries the skill of the experienced portraitist with the curatorial and oral history expertise of the museum. The goal is to create a living history of the town’s experience as “ground-zero” for Coronavirus in Connecticut. Westporters—and those who work in Westport—are encouraged to participate and share their stories of living in this new and discomfiting reality. 

The project can be viewed on Instagram @WestportFocus and Facebook @WestportInFocus. Families can signup by emailing the museum at virtualmuseum@westporthistory.org

“History happens every day and all around us. Sometimes that fact is more apparent than at others in our lives but this is one of those times when it is crystal clear. Our hope is that we can record history for posterity and for the knowledge of future generations.” 

Ramin Ganeshram, Executive Director of Westport Musuem

In an effort to remain connected as a community, our mission is to show our faces to our neighbors. We can’t forget who we are behind the closed doors during this pandemic. Partnering with Westport Museum to create a living history to be archived for future generations will demonstrate how we survived, thrived, and maintained our humanity as a town in this unprecedented time.”  

Jerri Graham, Westport In Focus Photographer

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