Westport’s Eye on Green’s Farms

The following articles were created by Bob Weingarten, the WHS House Historian and plaque coordinator unless identified with the author name.  They appeared in past monthly magazine issues  of the Greens Farms Living magazine, published by 2016 Neighborhood Networks Publishing Inc. under the creative guidance of Julaine Davis, Area Director.  This month publication is mailed to Green’s Farms residence but can be obtained with a request to Julaine Davis at Julaine.Davis@n2pub.com by providing a name, mailing and email address.






Fifth-Oldest in Town, First-oldest in Green’s Farms – May 2018

Take a Hike – April 2018

The Bulkley Barn – October 2017

Date A What – August 2017

Hillspoint Road – The Hill Family – Mary Maynard – February 2018

Written in Wood or Stone – July 2017

Ripley House – Believe It Or Not – May 2017

The Evolution of Greens Farm Schools – July 2016

Whats in the name – The Controversy Continues – August 2016

The Separation of church and State – June 2016

The WHS Plaques of Green’s Farms – April 2017

The Settling of Green’s Farms – May 2016

A Green’s Farms Man – Mary Maynard- April 2016

Center Street & Family History – Mary Maynard- March 2016

Green’s Farms – Where Are We – October 2016

Bessie Jennings Her Gift to Green’s Farms -Mary Maynard – February 2016

Green’s Farms Lower Cemetery – October 2016 by Peter Jennings, Green’s Farms Church Historian

Historic Architectural Character -January 2017