Virtual School Programs & Tours

As historians we know that the lessons of history are learned best when they are tied to one’s own community rather than as theoretical events that happened elsewhere. 

If you have topics your class is studying, we are flexible in tailoring our programming to connect with your curriculum. Currently proposed program topics include:


Connect students to history and civic engagement using local resources to create engaging interactive experiences contextualized for today’s world. 


Westport Museum is able to provide primary source material—as well as artifacts including objects, textiles and artwork—that speak to larger historical narratives and themes through local events. 

Each virtual program includes:

  • Pre-visit materials for educators 
  • Post-visit activity 
  • 45 to 90-minute live demonstration or tour with trained staff 
  • Opportunities for interactivity 
  • Black History 
  • Immigration 
  • Labor and Manufacturing 
  • The Revolutionary War
  • Colonial and Early Federal Eras 
  • Women’s History 
  • World War II and Holocaust studies 
  • Public Health 


Private, password protected Zoom demonstrations lead by museum staff–working with educators—interacting with students using primary sources to discuss a larger historical event. Using Zoom features (polls, screen share, whiteboards, and breakout rooms) students will interact with prompts from staff and explore sources from the museum’s collection. 

These programs can be done with a class remotely, or done as combined virtual and in-person program—physical tours with students interacting with museum objects through video rather than tactically.  

Socially-distanced walking tours held in appropriate locations are our COVID alternative for gallery tours. These tours include a digital platform consisting of primary sources to view during the tour, additional resources, and interactive questions. 


To schedule a program contact Nicole Carpenter, Director of Programs and Education, by email at Emails should include: class size, grade, program topic, and preferred process. Each program is tailored with educators to the specific class needs. 

Each program costs $90 to cover research, staff time, technology and program materials for a 45-minute program with classes up to 24 students: 90-minute programs are $160.