Storytelling Event

Friday,  November 6th, 7-9pm,  WHS Gallery, $10

SPECIAL WORKSHOP   – This Friday, come listen to some great stories!The Editing Company/Write Yourself Free and WHS are sponsoring a unique  evening where YOU are the entertainment.

The theme of the night is “suddenly I realized”………………………..


As part of our ongoing interest in oral history and storytelling, WHS is sponsoring an evening of Sudden Realizations-taken from real life and told in 5-7 minutes. Funny. Dramatic. Political. Religious. Sexual.Charming or alarming.

Storytellers and oral historians are welcome from almost all age groups (16 or older, please): however, the sponsors need to set an agenda, so, if you have a story you’d like to tell, please submit a written synopsis and invite your friends.

Wine and Hor’s doeurves will be served

To Register and for more information and examples; call Tish at 454-4522 or email