Westport For Dummies

Historical Tour  of  Westport Neighborhoods
You won’t want to miss this!
Wednesday, April 27  10- Noon,  Meet at WHS at 9:45 am
$20 pp, Reservations are required

Saugatuck River

Led by people in the know: Allen Raymond, Town Historian, Ron Malone, Former Westport Chief of Police and Susan Gold, Executive Director, The Westport Historical Society. Whether it’s Coleytown (where’s that?), Green’s Farms, Longshore or Saugatuck, Westport is filled with historic neighborhoods, and this two-hour tour visits them all. Well, maybe not all of them, but a lot of them. Did you know, for instance, that for years the New Haven Railroad identified the station stop in our town as “Westport & Saugatuck?” What happened to cause the change? We’ll visit Saugatuck and let you decide.

And why was Compo Parkway at one time a Mecca for softball enthusiasts on Sunday mornings, but no more? As we drive by- we’ll make an educated guess. We’ll, of course, visit many close-knit, and historic neighborhoods such as Compo Beach, Old Mill (the late Ken Montgomery called it “heaven”), Old Hill, Sherwood Island (did you know there were private homes on Sherwood Island?) And, if we have time, we may even visit “Downtown”, where some of us will lament the loss of its three hardware stores, its meat market, and department stores.