Water Quality: a Fish’s Eye View

Betty and Ralph Sheffer Gallery
Tuesday,  July 10, 7 pm
Suggested Donation: $5
To reserve, call 203-222-1424

Learn what can be done to improve water quality in Saugatuck harbor and bring back vanishing species when Earthplace staff scientist Dick Harris discusses his research July 10.

Harris, the director of Earthplace’s Harbor Watch program, will use his data on “the dramatic decline in species and numbers [of bottom fish] to point out where problem areas exist in both the watersheds and in the Sound itself.”
His 30-minute Power Point lecture, “Water Quality: a Fish’s Eye View,” will begin at 7 p.m. in the Betty and Ralph Sheffer Gallery..
The fall-off in bottom-species numbers has a number of possible causes, Harris says, including such human activities as poor property management, random disposal of medications and surface runoff. Other possible reasons for what Harris terms “this large and growing hole in the marine food chain” are an imbalance of predators such as stripers and cormorants.
“Some of these factors, such as poor property management, are within our ability to correct,” Harris says. “Others, such as an imbalance of predators and climate change, may be much harder to change without concerted action by society and our government.”
The Harbor Watch program manages a fisheries project, river research efforts on six rivers and storm drain inspections. Earthplace is a 62-acre Westport sanctuary who mission is to educate the public about nature and the environment.