Tom Delong's final book: TV Neighbors

Betty and Ralph Sheffer Gallery
Thursday, Aug 4,  5-7 pm
Free admission, books available for purchase
Wine and light refreshments (Provided by Christie’s Country Store)  Reservations Suggested

  The new book, TV Neighbors, is based on the  exhibit that opened in 2003 at WHS and covers nearly 100 TV personalities living in Westport and Weston during the heyday of television broadcasting. Tom DeLong died before finishing his manuscript for this literary work.  Wally and Denise Woods, Tom DeLong’s dear friends vowed to finish his follow up book  to Stars in Our Eyes.  The Woods poured over crates of files, photos,  hand written notes and the unfinished manuscript to create the completed product for Tom’s publisher.  It is a  wonderful tribute to Westport’s TV history, including little known trivia. Wally Woods will introduce  the book and the idea behind it. Copies will be available for purchase.