Stars in Our Eyes book signing

stars-in-our-eyesIn the Little Gallery December 13    3:30-5:00pm 

We have just printed a revised edition of a book originally published in 2000 called “Stars in Our Eyes,” written by Thomas A. DeLong with help from Wally Woods.  This revised version includes dates of death of the people featured in the book who had died between the original publication and summer 2009.  The book was the result of a WHS exhibit by the same title, chaired by Wally Woods.

Our community has welcomed and embraced many well-known Broadway and Hollywood performers since the early 1900’s. Stars in Our Eyes is a biography of nearly 100 actors.

A beautiful holiday gift for friends and neighbors just arriving in Westport and those leaving Westport $40, 10% off for members.
Refreshments will be served.