Kings Highway Walking Tour

Saturday, October 23rd  2pm
Meet at the Parade Ground at Old Hill Road & Kings Highway
Rain or Shine
$5 Members  $8 Non-Members

photo by Phyllis Groner

The Kings Highway District includes the only remaining drill ground in Westport, plus a one-room schoolhouse and a very early gristmill and ice-harvesting site.  It also includes what some call “the oldest house in Westport.”  To the west on the Post Road (Route #1), and almost across from Kings Highway South, is the location of the tavern-marked by a plaque-where George Washington spent the night.  To the east, at the intersection of Kings Highway North and Wilton Road (Route 33), is the location of the Kings Highwy Bridge over the Saugatuck River, a bridge that George Washington  crossed on his way to Cambridge.  (The original bridge has long since been replaced by a new bridge.) 

George Washington, as he moved through the District, was luckier than Madame Sarah Knight, who rode through in 1703, before the bridge over the Saugatuck River was built.  As she made her way to Bosotn, she had to ford the river, and called the Saugatuck a “difficult river.”

There will be three house visits with guides as part of this historical tour – an 18th and 19th century home and an architectural artist studio converted to
 a home.
For reservations, call Sue Gold at 203-222-1424