How To Date a House

Saturday, November 20th,  10 am – 11 am
Betty and Ralph Sheffer Gallery
Bob Weingarten and David Preusch
Suggested Donation: $5

How to Date a House, Lecture WHS

Ever wonder how old your house is and who built it?  Perhaps there are records already to identify this information but you are not familiar with the house to find them.  This talk will focus on how to research the built date of a house in Westport using an example of the actual research done to find the built date.  How to and what references are available will be discussed.  After the talk you will be able to start your own research on your home.

 DAVID PREUSCH ARCHITECT, a graduate of Cornell University in practice for over 30 years is recognized for his expertise in the restoration and renovation of historic residences which include some of the areas oldest homes through 20th century eclectic style will be availabe to answer questions about how your homes style illuminates its orgins.

A way or supplementing historic documentation of houses and outbuildings through maps and written records is to look at the house itself.  Research into a home’s style and construction will illuminate and bring to life the era to which it dates.  The structure itself, through extent details and elements of style, can also focus the search for a house’s origins to a particular historic period, and also shed light on the social, economic and stylistic influences upon which its construction was based.