50th Anniversary Fun Facts about the Longshore Sailing School

Since 1960 LSS has chalked up some big numbers:

57,240 graduates

If laid end to end, they would reach the Statue of Liberty

99,336 boat rentals

If laid end to end, they would reach Washington DC …or the Canadian border.
The 100,000th boat was rented on Independence Day weekend 2010.

1566 boats owned

If laid end to end would reach Cockenoe I. three and a half times…or,
if laid end to end on Herb Baldwin Road, would reach the Longshore exit on South Compo Road and back again…4 times!

Employed 1115 people

whose combined estimated weight (167,250 lbs.) is the equivalent of:
1.65 million golf balls…or 1.34 million tennis balls

5 families

have had multiple generations work at LSS

4 couples

met while working at LSS and got married.