From Lakeside to Seaside

Betty and Ralph Sheffer Gallery
Tuesday, June 26, 7 pm
Suggested Donation: $5
To Reserve,  call 203-222-1424

Learn about the prehistory of the Westport area’s Native Americans, as revealed by the archeological record, when Norwalk Community College professor Ernie Wiegand speaks at WHS.

Wiegand, a professor of archeology and geology, will discuss how Native Americans reacted to climatological, geological, biological and social change in a talk titled “From Lakeside to Seaside: 10,000 years of Native American Adaptation to the Changing Environment of Westport.”

The presentation will include examples of Native American artifacts recovered from local sites. The lecture will start with the Paleoindian period of the late Ice Age and continue through the Archaic period of post-glacial adaptation and the adoption of horticulture during the Woodland period and culminate with the arrival of European explorers, traders and settlers. The professor will examine innovations, changing populations and social developments during these time frames.

Wiegand is coordinator of NorwalkCommunity College’s “Archaeology as an Avocation” certificate program. Since 1975, the program has trained avocational archaeologists in the study of local historic and prehistoric archaeology. Wiegand, who also serves as a consulting archaeologist for public and private groups during land development projects, received an M.A. in Anthropology from Hunter College in 1982.