End of An Era: Westport in the 1950's

Documentary Film, Raymond Room
Friday, October 1
12:15 pm,  no charge, please call for reservations

REMEMBER WHEN? Join us for two lunchtime showings of the much talked about documentary The End of an Era- Westport in the 1950’s  (running time 40 minutes)   END OF AN ERA – Westport in the 1950s will be shown in the Raymond Room at the Westport Historical Society on  Tuesday, September 14 and Friday, October 1 at 12:15pm. Bring a bag lunch;  beverages and dessert will be provided.Meet Chuck Tannen, the producer of this nostalgic documentary of Westport and see and hear from people who remember what Westport was like over 50 years ago. As Chuck remarks, “So many people have great stories about Westport and if the stories aren’t captured, they’re just going to disappear”. 

Chuck Tannen is a member of the oral history committee of WHS and is part of a group that records and archives hundreds of hours of interviews. Mr. Tannen’s documentary aims to educate the casual public rather than historians and researchers. Tannen looks at the ’50’s in Westport from an unbiased persective since he just moved to Westport 20 years ago. Tannen, who took film courses at NYU had the idea to make the documentary when he realized that time was running out to chronicle certain moments in history.