Elect Us on Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 6
10 am – 2 pm,  Ages 5-10
Members: $50  Non-Members $60

Kids can get in the spirit of the election on Nov. 6 at theWestport Historical Society learning how Westport’s Minutemen fought for the rights Americans enjoy today, including the right to vote.

From 10 a.m. to2 p.m.on Election Day, children 5 to 10 years old can go to the Historical Society and learn how to make a Colonial era tri-corner hat and design their own mosaic American flag, and of course, find out about our local heroes of the American Revolution.

Children who see the Minuteman statue on their way to the beach may know he represents the citizen-soldiers who turned out atConcordandLexingtonto oppose British Redcoats. But they may not know he also represents the local farmers and merchants – little different from today’s residents – who grabbed their flintlocks and shot at the British from behind stone walls as they marched to Danbury to destroy a patriot arsenal.

The program at the Historical Society will not only be educational, but edible, too. In addition to playing presidential games, the children will bake an apple pie. Call 203-222-1424 to register.


To register, call 203-222-1424.