Behind-the-Scenes Talk

Wednesday, March 2
1:30pm –2:30pm
Donations accepted

The Artist at Work with Susan Malloy

The Sketch Class WHSSusan Malloy, a Westport artist will give a demonstration of how an artist prepares to make a painting. The decisions of what kind of canvas, stretchers, brushes and paints to use to start a “canvas” are all important factors for each artist. In her quiet but experienced fashion, Susan will give an engaging look at the artist’s process and how pictures evolve including size and kind of medium. Susan has exhibited in many group shows and has had 12 one-woman exhibits in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. She is a member of the Westport Arts Center as well as an active WHS volunteer.

Ralph and Betty Sheffer Gallery
Saturday, March 5  2-3pm
Donations Accepted

A Behind-the-Scenes Talk with Artist Elizabeth Gaynor & Howard Munce

A Sketch Class WHSGet the inside scoop from Elizabeth who will share her personal recollections on starting a sketch class in Westport. It is still meeting now after forty years and you can meet artists whose work is on display and who attend the weekly sketch class and get a glimpse of the process and the spirit of the sketch class environment.  Elizabeth, who’s work has been extensively exhibited and has won numerous awards, started the Monday Sketch Group in the late 60’s with Joey Tate.  She continues to host  the Monday and Wednesday groups in her home studio two afternoons every week.

Howard has lived in Westport since 1935. He worked as an art director for several New York agencies as well as a freelance artist.  Locally, his cartoons have appeared in columns written by Judith Marks White and Ina Bradley. Howard is the Honorary President of the Society of Illustrators in New York City and Chairman of the Illustration Committee of the Museum of New Britain. Now at age 95, Howard paints and is one of the esteemed members of the Westport Historical Society Oral History Department.

Q & A will follow a brief talk and light refreshments will be served.