Barn Storming with WHS


Bradley Wheeler Carriage Barn
Bradley Wheeler Carriage Barn

Putting Westport BARNS on the Map…

Join the FUN!
How many BARNS are still standing in Westport?
What kinds of barns?
Are there some barns that would benefit from preservation assistance grants?

Join our WHS “Barn-storming” Team as we prepare, starting in late October, 2010, in close cooperation with the CT Trust for Historic Preservation’s Statewide, Town-by-Town “Windshield Survey” of Connecticut Barns,to count and document extant Barns in Westport.

Who’s needed for the WHS Team?…Westporters who can

  • drive and take photos with their digital cameras (not cellphones) .
  • do data entry/e-mail.
  • upload these data to the CT Trust for Historic Preservation

What will the WHS Team DO?

1. Receive an assigned section of Town and CT Trust/WHS Training
2. Drive up and down streets in an assigned part of Westport, recognize barns (buildings once used for agriculture), stop, note the address and–from the “windshield”, the street/curb/public land ONLY–take confirming digital photos
3. Submit the report info and photos to the WHS
4. Help the WHS tally the data and photos and upload them to the CT Trust.


  • Barns are artifacts of Westport’s past as a farming community
  • Barn construction styles provide insights about our Town’s past, including the builder’s country of origin and the type of crop grown
  • (For example, the hept/octagonal cobblestone barn at the WHS may have been used for the storage of hops, an ingredient in the making of beer!)
  • In Westport, in the 20th century, barns were converted to studios by famed artists and sometimes to private homes
  • The CT Trust wants to encourage preservation of barns as an important and picturesque vestige of our past and study them to better understand the history of state and local history–and so does the WHS!
  • To this end, the CT Trust has grant money available for private property owners seeking technical expertise to guide the restoration and preservation of their barns

PLUS…For some Barns, as part of our continuing celebration of Westport’s 175th Anniversary as a Town, the WHS may ask Owner Permission to feature a photo of their Barn as “Westport Barn of the Day” on our Website. To learn more or to join the WHS “Barnstorming Team”, contact Dorothy Curran, WHS president (203.246.0543).