Art Enrichment Seminar with Troy Amuso

Betty and Ralph Sheffer Gallery
Saturday,  October 13, 3-4 pm
$5 Donation is greatly appreciated

The Westport Historical Society is pleased to present an Art Enrichment Seminar on Saturday, October 13th from 3-4 pm titled Pieces Collected: Artifacts & Works on Paper Preserved. This program ties in with the new exhibit called US Postage Stamps by Westport Artists in the Sheffer Gallery. Denise and Troy, owners of Troy Fine Art Services, exhibit sponsors, will be talking about collections in general and how to best preserve them. Stamps are one popular collectible and can be easily stored and preserved. There are many factors that affect the preservation material that is optimal for other collections on paper.

Generally, the following needs to be considered when making a decision on preserving something:

  • What is the environment like that can help or hinder your collection; an overview of exposure to light, various air temperatures, storage methods and best practices
  • Materials matter in making this decision: acid-free matting, glazing and mounting techniques differ
  • Frame styles to consider: float flames, shadow box frames, traditional and contemporary approaches

The reasons you would want to frame art include the following: to enhance work, finish but not overwhelm the piece, structurally support the pieces, decoration and using a particular display style and design presentation with a specific goal in mind.

Enjoy an afternoon at the Westport Historical Society, 25 Avery Place (across from the Westport Town Hall) with Denise and Troy and pick up some valuable tips on preserving art as well as having your questions answered about a particular piece of art work.

Light refreshments will be served.