What else is in the strategic plan?

After examining the whole operations with StEPs from 2014 through 2017, the three-year strategic plan that was created addressed modernization and reorganization of the whole organization. This included de-installing the period rooms, digitizing collections; making long overdue repairs to Bradley-Wheeler House and cobblestone barn; assessing governance on a continual basis/bylaws and structuring of committees; digital technology overhaul; public engagement; gift shop overhaul; reorganizing public spaces and much more. More information about the museums strategic plan can be found in the 2017-18 Annual report.

What about the period rooms? Why are they gone?

The “period” rooms were created by volunteers in the 1980s with the best of intentions and were enjoyed by many throughout the years. However, guidelines from museum accreditation agencies are very clear about what makes a house museum or period room and, unfortunately, the period rooms at WM did not meet that standard. The Board of Directors voted to de-install them as part of its strategic plan.