From volunteering to research to general history, students are encouraged to use WM. Use the links below to learn more about the opportunities open to students at their local history museum.

Join the WM team as a volunteer or intern and get the opportunity to work with artifacts, assist with exhibition and program creation, and work on research in our archive.

Witch trials, factory usage of child labor and segregation all occurred in Westport’s past. Use our list of potential project ideas to find a story with a local connection.

Explore local stories while learning to research using primary sources and share these tales. Schedule an appointment to view our collections and archives to bring your project to life.

Read our monthly museum blog to discovery local events, figures and actual artifacts connecting these narratives to the larger story of our collective past. Join us in the museum for exhibits, programs and events related to the postings to learn more!

Read our latest posts and discover more about the past!

Student Membership

Students who become members of the museum not only receive a discount on their membership and in our shop but lower admission to select programs and events! Research conducted in our archives is free as well as entry into all of our exhibits