90 Myrtle Ave.

By Bob Weingarten

Page and John Englehart are honoring Westport’s heritage by displaying a Westport Historical Society plaque identifying their home at 90 Myrtle Ave. as the David Salmon Carriage House-Barn.

Salmon built the carriage house and barn in 1869 several years after purchasing the main house at 96 Myrtle Ave. from The Rev. and Mrs. Timothy Atkinson in 1864.  The Engleharts were happy to find their roots in an antique home in 2000 after living for 15 years in Asia and Europe. They had been researching the built date of their home when they saw the image of their home on an 1878 map displayed in the Public Works Department office of Town Hall.  Using this information to confirm that their home was at least built by 1878, the Engleharts approached the Westport Historical Society to request further information.  The research on their home was completed in September 2008 using tax records, and the Engleharts ordered their plaque.

Page Englehart asked that the finished plaque be delivered to her without informing her husband since she wanted to present it to him as a Christmas gift. The plaque was delivered to her in mid-December.  At the same time the year-end Westport Historical Society newsletter was published.  Included in the newsletter was a photo of seven plaques delivered in the current quarter–including the Engleharts. Upon seeing the newsletter, John Englehart could not understand where his plaque was and called the Society.  Recalling his wife’s request that it was intended as a present, a Society worker told him his plaque was included in the photo but was a mock up and the real one would be delivered after the New Year.  “The juvenile sense of disappointment is etched firmly in my memory,” John Englehart said. “I had flashbacks of rushing to the kitchen only to learn the cookies were still in the oven!”  He was delighted – and relieved – to find the plaque wrapped under the family Christmas tree.  The Engleharts are supporters of the Westport Historical Society and their home was included in the Garden Tour of 2008.