38 Kings Highway North

Jane and Ed Brennan are honoring Westport’s heritage by displaying a Westport Historical Society plaque identifying their home at 38 Kings Highway North as the Shercrow School which was built in c.1812. The building was originally built on an area called “The Plains” or “Tobey Plains” and moved to its current location in early 1900s. The Shercrow School was formerly known as the West Saugatuck District School used until about 1900. After it was moved it was used as a studio by the painter Osip Linde and then converted into a house in 1948. The Brennans bought their home in 1991. They “fell in love with the living room, which had been the classroom of the school house.” Over the years, the Brennans have found many glass objects in what had evidently been burn pits outside the school house, including a number of small glass ink bottles.  In September 1998, their home was included in the Kings Highway North Historic District.         Bob Weingarten for WestportNow.com