320 Bayberry Lane

Freddie and Russell Brenneman are honoring Westport’s heritage by displaying a Westport Historical Society plaque identifying their 320 Bayberry Lane home as the Guyer-Thorpe House, which was built in circa 1819.

Peter Guyer built this house in 1819 and then his daughter Salome Guyer inherited the house in 1857.  Salome Guyer married James Thorpe and owned the house until her death in 1936.  The Salome Guyer  estate sold the property to Charles and Chame Speaks in 1939 who also moved a 1790 barn condemned in Weston to build the Saugatuck Reservoir on the property.

Russell Brenneman inherited the property from his aunt, Chame Speaks, in 1988.  The Brennemans are not new to living in a historic home.  Their first home in Connecticut was a 1790 farmhouse in Goshen and then they lived in Essex and Glastonbury.   In 1995, their daughter Amy called and said  “I want to get married – in Aunt Chame’s house in Westport.

By moving into “The Pink House,” the Brenneman’s continue the tradition of being part of the second family to have lived in this house in 190 years.   When asked why “The Pink House,” the Brennemans’ said that it was rumored that in the old days when homeowners wanted to extend the white paint they wer using on their house they would mix in the left over red from their barns – thus creating “pink”.

Editor’s note: Bob Weingarten has been in charge of the Westport Historical Society’s place program for five years.  Since 1978 when the program started, 208 historical plaques have been installed in Westport homes.