187 Long Lots Road

Susan and Dutch Wynkoop are honoring Westport’s heritage by displaying a Westport Historical Society plaque identifying their  home at 187 Long Lots Road as the John Osborn house built in c.1683-87 and recognized as the oldest known house in Westport.  Dutch’s parents purchased the house in 1971 after his father was transferred to NYC from Philadelphia and Mrs. Wynkoop was interested in an antique house and after thoroughly looking at antiques for sale in Southport, Ct and Westport, Ct she decided on the house at 187 Long Lots Road.   Susan and Dutch inherited the house in 1990.

Dutch’s mother had initially attempted to date the house since she believed that the date associated with the house was c.1775.  She always believed the house built earlier than the c.1775 date but  was unable because of the complexity involved.

Many years later when Bob Weingarten asked Susan and Dutch to participate in the Honoring Our Heritage series they stated that they thought the house was built earlier than c.1775 and asked that he investigate.  Rather than re-investigating immediately Weingarten discussed the potential of the Wynkoops’ requesting the Westport Historic District Commission to study the potential of designating their home as a local Landmark property which would involve investigating the built date and first owner of the house.

With their consent and that of the HDC, Weingarten started to reinvestigate the history of this house and found, with the assistance of two historic architects that the house was built in c.1683-87 by John Osborn and with this information the Town of Westport designated the house as a local Landmark property in 2009.