15 Sprucewood Lane

Mary C. McGuire and James J Dolan, Jr. are honoring Westport’s heritage by displaying a Westport Historical Society plaque identifying their home at 15 Sprucewood Lane as the Daniel Bradley house which was built in c.1830. Several generations of the Bradley family owned a 75-acre farm where the house was built. The current owners purchased the house in 1986 and said “we both love antique homes and enjoy the opportunity to restore and protect a piece of Westport’s history.” This is the second antique home they lived in within Westport–the prior one was at 125 Weston Road.  The couple said that they were “heartbroken with the senseless destruction of beautiful antique homes in Westport” and hoped others will join then in restoring antique homes rather then tearing down and rebuilding.   Bob Weingarten for WestportNow.com