14 Charcoal Hill Road

Natalie and Harry Maynard are honoring Westport’s heritage by displaying a Westport Historical Society plaque identifying their 1929-built home at 14 Charcoal Hill Road as being designed by architect Frazier Peters. Peters and Albert Violet purchased 15.4 acres of land from William Meade Williams in 1927 and subdivided the land into building lots. This lot was purchased in 1929 by Porter Emerson Browne, a writer and playwright, who had the house built. In 1947, George and Helen Hook purchased the property from Louis Dublin, and Natalie Hook Maynard inherited her parents’ property in 1977. The Maynards kept the property because they fell in love with the house, the setting and landscaping. To them each room had a unique charm and the windows have great vistas with the living environment never boring inside or outside. Peters designed his houses on sites which he believed to be attractive and which would stand the test of time environmentally.  Bob Weingarten for WestportNow.com