13 Hillandale Road

Stevie and Peter Durette are honoring Westport’s heritage by displaying a Westport Historical Society plaque identifying their home at 13 Hillandale Road as the George Fairchild Jr. house which was built in 1906. Fairchild purchased nine acres of land from Charles S. Wakeman in 1896 and built this house in 1906. The Calise family acquired it in 1926 until it was artfully restored and sold in May 2007 to the Durette family. The Durettes said although the house was basically torn down to the studs, the builder retained a lot of the original home including many of the original doors and reused many of the support beams as architectural accents throughout the house.” The house received a Westport Historic District Preservation Award in 2009.  Bob Weingarten for WestportNow.com