Historic House Plaque Program

What is the Historic House Plaque Program?

How can I get a historic plaque for my house?

The plaque program started in 1978 providing homeowners with WHS plaques that were 100 years or older. Since then the WHS has recognized that structures, houses or other buildings, younger than 100 years old may have significant historic characteristics and content which warrants a plaque. The program was enhanced several years ago to include structures that were designed and built by well-known 20th century architects, such as Frazier Peters and Charles Cutler, all houses within a local historic district, all houses designated as a Historic Landmark Property, all houses that receive a Westport Preservation Award, all houses that at one time had renowned or well-known owners, whether actors, actresses, writers, poets, or politicians, and houses that at one time contained historical meetings or activities.

Please contact WHS House Historian Bob Weingarten at rwmailbox@aol.com to receive information about our WHS Plaque Program.

Mr. Weingarten will use currently available historical information about the house to determine eligibility. If no historical information is available or is not sufficient he will conduct his own research. If the house is eligible then a prototype of the WHS plaque will be sent to the homeowner for approval. Upon ordering and completion of the WHS plaque the historical information collected will be provided to the homeowner.

What is included with my plaque?

At the start of 2017 there are 340 WHS plaques on structures, houses, commercial buildings, and/or barns in Westport. The material provided includes the historical importance of the house and the proposed house plaque appearance. Homeowners receiving the material can acknowledge the historical value of their house by requesting a handcrafted plaque from the Westport Historical Society. There is a fee of $300 which covers the costs of the plaque and a contribution to the Westport Historical Society.

For plaques which need to be replaced because of weathering, some have been on houses since 1978, there is a fee of $250. Plaques cannot be restored but need complete replacement. Since this work is required a review of the historic information on the plaques is reviewed to insure accuracy. If inaccurate, the new plaque will have changed historic information and prior to creating the plaque the homeowner will be able to review and approve of the changes.