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Dutasteride FDA prescribing information

Dutasteride is a product of the Merck & Co. Pharmaceutical Division and manufactured by Pharmacia & Upjohn Co.

Finast prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body.

Finasteride Pills Uk >> Best Prices on Ed Tabs

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I am an A male and have severe chronic prostate malignancy (10x the normal)

I have never had sex and no experience with it but when my prostate is getting worse as it now, I am very hesitant to start upping my dosage.

I also have an enlarged prostate which I have been told is a result of my malignant prostate.

Can I still have sex because it would be beneficial for my pain to improve? I would prefer keep it this way

Also when I am not experiencing pain does the prostate still have to function optimally or is it fine for upping dosage.

Can I increase the dose or stop altogether.

thanks so much for your help



(I have the same problem)

You will get no relief from taking your testosterone medication unless you have taken them regularly for approximately 5 years on finasteride uk spc a daily cycle.

That’s what I told the urologist.

However, in a world of unlimited testosterone pills, I have to wonder…. Is there something about one dose per day that makes testosterone appear to work better than one pill per day? You could even be putting more testosterone into your body with a high dose because you are able to use a higher rate.

I wouldn’t make a big deal about it if a lot of guys take their daily dose of testosterone, however, taking testosterone every day is a bit dangerous and I don’t recommend it unless it’s been a while since you last had your testosterone injection.



(I was on 100mg for 6 months, but was off it for 3 months)

I’ve only been on 100mg for 3 months.

I have experienced no difference in libido, or general health. But, what is a lot of guys going to think if I tell them that they really do need an increase to 200mg, or more….

I’ve been taking D and B vitamins for the past year or so. I’ve noticed that they work as should, but I don’t feel any different.

Just wondering how many men are on D and B vitamins, would it effect their results and how they could improve their libido at low doses to compensate for it. I know we have tons of these in our society. I can’t imagine that we aren’t supplementing with them….

I do wonder about that though….. I’m actually pretty tired of D and B vitamins. What about adding taurine to a B vitamin solution and using taurine before your test shots? That seems to do a lot more for me than adding D.




(I have a couple of questions)

1. I’ve been taking this for 3 weeks on a daily cycle, with an average of 4 days taking testosterone, and I am wondering about your observations of how its effect your libido. Do you have any experience with testosterone when u’ve been on it consistently during that period of time? Is its effect immediate? If not, how long will it last? Is your libido the same as before taking it or has been diminished as a result of the lack testosterone.

2. I’ve heard you can gain a large increase in libido, if you inject testosterone finasteride patient uk on a daily cycle and have been on it consistently for 3 weeks.

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