Westport Stories

November 4th, 2005

All Day

Saturday, November 4, 2005

Inn at Longshore
260 South Compo Road, Westport

Groove to the hot sounds of Total Re-Mix,
an 8 piece band playing your favorite music


Sumptuous buffet stations and open bar
A desirable selection of luxury items at our Silent and Live Auctions
$200 Supporter Ticket
$400 Sponsor Ticket
Priority Seating
Name listed in Program

Talented people from all walks of life put the name of Westport on the map as a fun and lively town in which to live. This 1936 New Year’s Eve costume party was held in the barn behind King’s Highway North. (Photo courtesy of the Westport Historical Society)
Dressing up in Westport Stories

Westport Stories Event Chair Linda Daniels (l) and Westport Historical Society Executive Director Denise Torv admire one of the exquisite costumes from the Society’s costume collection as they prepare a fashionable selection to go on display at Mitchells in Westport this week. The display is connected to Westport Stories: Fame & Infamy, Places, Events, the Society’s colorful Inaugural Gala to take place this Friday evening. The items on display at Mitchells date from the mid nineteenth century to 1900, and are just a fragment of the priceless Costume Collection housed at the Westport Historical Society. (Photo: Andrea Maritzer Fine)


Inaugural Gala Auction items

We’ll be presenting a spectacular array of PRICELESS
silent and live auction items.
To tempt you into joining us, here are some highlights
from our sensational live auction. . .

Impossible to Get Oprah
2 round trip airline tickets from NY to Chicago
2 ticket to see Oprah’s Live Show Chicago Hotel stay
1 Year’s subscription to “O” Magazine and “O” Home Magazine

Fashion Fun: Tommy Hilfiger
Bid on 2 tickets to Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show (in February or September)
Limo for the day and night
2 tickets to VIP After Party
$2000 Tommy Hilfiger shopping spree

Eat Right For Your Type Consultation. . .
Noted author Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo gives you a private consultation, work up and personalized Diet Plan, full set of Vitamins, and complete library of Dr. D’Adamo’s books autographed

For Your Favorite Teenaged Girl. . .Wish List Party!
After hours Birthday Party for 5 teenaged girls at Wish List,
hosted by Abigail Johnson, Fashion Director and Stylist of YM Magazine
$300-500 spending spree for each girl

More Fashion Fun: Andy Hilfiger & J. Lo
Andy Hilfiger (in person at event) presents J.LO
One complete look from the J.LO’s couturier collection (first ever)
One complete look from the casual collection
Trip to Manhattan to the J.LO Showroom and a meeting with Andy Hilfiger

  • Do you remember when the Doors, The Animals and Cream made headlines by playing concerts in Westport-and Hall and Oates made headlines by NOT showing up?
  • Can you recall not just the Ice Cream Parlor, but its three locations in town?
  • How about the first two spots for Mitchells of Westport?
  • And before Joey’s at the Shore-before even Arcudi’s-the beach concession was run by Chubby Lane. If you wanted to order a hamburger without going to the shack, how did you do it?

Whether you know the answer to those questions, or don’t have a clue what they mean, you’re invited to the Westport Historical Society’s fabulous gala, Westport: Stories, Fame & Infamy, PlacesEvents, at the Inn at Longshore on Friday, November 4 from 7 to midnight.

It’s an evening for old-timers and newcomers alike to celebrate the people, places and events that have made Westport such a unique town.

  • Amy Vanderbilt held a much-publicized “tea party” on top of the town dump. If you went there now, what would you find?
  • In the 1950s, what could Compo Beach swimmers find in Long Island Sound that’s not there today?
  • All these buildings caught fire at one time another: Westport Bowling Lanes, Sloane’s Furniture, Carousel Toy Store, Long Lots Junior High School. Which one burned to the ground twice, at two different sites?
  • What sports facility used to sit opposite the Westport Post Office?
  • What’s the local connection with the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”?
  • The yearbook write-up of which mid-1950s graduate accurately predicted “destined to have her name in lights”?

Westport: Stories, Fame & Infamy, Places, Events is an intriguing, exciting, sometimes wacky yet always informative look at our community through its citizens, restaurants, neighborhoods, beaches and downtown. Entertainment includes live music, dance and skits. There are also live and silent auctions, and of course cocktails and dinner.

Westport history questions above by Dan Woog


Entertainment provided by

Media Sponsor: Westport Magazine

Ann Sheffer and Bill Scheffler, Honorary Co-Chairs

Linda Daniels, Event Chair

Committee Chairs:
Creative Director: James D’Adamo
Costume Institute: Andrew Mitchell
Décor: Dorothy Robertshaw & Arlene Rosenthal
Design: Miggs Burroughs
Entertainment: John Franklin
Auction: Barbara Donnell, Donna Brody
Stories: Dan Woog
Publicity: Meryl Moss

Committee Members:
Joni Andrews, Julia Broder, Mollie Donovan, Maggie Feczko, Andrea Maritzer Fine,
Sherry Gipson, Susan Gold, Debbie Herbertson, Mar Jennings, Elizabeth Kuechenmeister,
Emily Laux, Carl Logalbo, Jo Fuchs Luscombe, Gabriella Mays, Denise McLaughlin,
Katherine Otey, Elliott Netherton, Barbara Raymond, Sally Rose, Denise Torv,
Karen Kahn Wilson, Lori Snow, Susan Weinberg, Wally Woods

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