New Exhibit: Westport Is Your Oyster

July 1st, 2018 until July 31st, 2018

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Before there were hot dogs and hamburgers to liven up your Fourth of July weekend festivities, there were oysters. Oysters were the quintessential American food – especially in the estuaries and inlets of shoreline Connecticut where they grow in natural abundance.  We are kicking off the Fourth of July week by celebrating the culture and lore of oystering on Long Island Sound with a month-long exhibit entitled Westport Is Your Oyster.


The exhibit offers a glimmer into Westport and Norwalk’s oystering history using original artifacts and objects from the private collections of Ms. Robin Tauck and Mr. Norman Bloom as well as items from our permanent collection.  Ephemera relating to the consumption of oysters round out a display that includes tools of the trade and archival documents.  Oysters have been enjoyed by native people who seared them in hot coals, in a method later adopted by European colonists.  In those days, the oysters pulled from the waters around Westport were as large as dinner plates. 


Exhibit made possible by the generous support of Robin Tauck and Norman Bloom of Copps Island Oysters