Unpopular Opinions: Hamilton

April 26th, 2023

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

When thinking of the founding fathers, singing and dancing isn’t what usually comes to mind – unless you are a fan of the hit musical Hamilton! Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton offers a unique spin on the story of Alexander Hamilton, featuring other founding fathers such as George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. As a play, Hamilton is given leeway for its historical inaccuracies due to time constraints and pacing concerns. Are there any inaccuracies you disliked, or accuracies you loved? Which song is your favorite? Let us know at Unpopular Opinions! 


Unpopular Opinions is a monthly discussion group that analyzes works of historical fiction, as well as nonfiction, for their accuracy and overall quality. Group members are encouraged to share their thoughts and questions, so grab a book, watch some TV, and get ready to share your unpopular opinions! Recommended for teen audiences and up.


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