The Life and Times of Winslow Park

February 19th, 2006 until May 12th, 2006

All Day

Featuring the Dogs of Winslow

February 19 – May 12, 2006

Compo House

The Life and Times of Winslow Park covers the fascinating history of Westport’s most prominent open space, Winslow Park and features The Dogs of Winslow, a dog and owner romp of more than 100 dogs portrayed by 40 of the area’s finest photographers.

Paintings and photographs celebrating the fascinating two hundred year history of the serene, green space we know as Winslow Park, named in 1988 for Richard and Mary Fitch Winslow, whose mansion Compo House (above) was located on the corner of Post Road East and Compo Road North.

Explore its history, from its beginnings as a humble farm to its transformation into the elegant Winslow mansion, its use as a sanitarium, and its ultimate acquisition by the town of Westport. Two statues, the only Winslow Park artifacts known to still exist, are generously on loan from the John Videler family.

A section of the exhibit, Winslow Moments, features images taken over the years by nationally known photographer Larry Silver, who has long been fascinated by the park’s nearly forgotten history and haunting beauty. Also included are photographs by Andrea Maritzer Fine, Lawrence Untermeyer and Carol Young, depicting Winslow as it is used today.

Mac photographed by Larry Merz
Sparky photographed by David Kalman
Alfie photographed by Andrea Maritzer Fine

Dogs of Winslow Committee
Exhibit co-curators, Miggs Burroughs and Nina Bentley;
Richard Bentley, David Kalman, Jerrie Halligan and Rita Smircich.

The Dogs of Winslow was sponsored by Jackie Gordon, RE/MAX Masters, County Veterinary Hospital, Poster Animal Hospital, Westport Animal Hospital, and Amy Gustafson, dog sitter.