Summer Camp Registration with Westport Museum

January 3rd, 2023 until August 7th, 2023

9:30 am - 12:30 pm

American history comes alive through the fun activities with Westport Museum’s weeklong summer camp sessions. Explore our exhibitions, craft your very own artisan creations and touch artifacts from our collections. Each week explores a different period of the past with activities ranging from cooking, playing games and doing things that youngsters from days gone by would have done 


Our camp day begins at 9:30 am and ends at 12:30 pm, recommended for ages 8-12 years old. Campers should bring a nut-free lunch. The Museum will provide a mid-morning snack.  


Colonial Camp, July 10th-14th  

Travel back to the colonial era, when settlers were new to Connecticut and life was much simpler. Experience how children lived in colonial times by dressing up, playing games, learning dances. Make your very own quill and try it out with some ink. Try your hand at their daily chores like churning butter and candle making! 


Early America Camp, July 17th-21st  

Experience what life was like after the founding fathers made America its own country. Learn about America’s presidents and how America was shaped into the country it is today! Role play as a colonist throughout the week and decide how your adventure will end. 


Victorian Camp, July 24th-28th  

Enjoy the elegance of the Victorian era! Don your finest top hat while we explore the unique fashions of the time. Practice your cursive ABCs as we write with authentic fountain pens. Live like royalty for a day while we cook a meal fit for a queen – Queen Victoria, that is. Tinker with the newfound technologies of the 1800s and try to come up with your own invention! Live like a cowboy for a day while we journey to the Wild West. 


Jazz Age: 1920s Camp, July 31st-August 4th   

Come dance the Charleston, dress up like a flapper, and learn about Westport’s wild times during the 1920s! Known for being the location that inspired The Great Gatsby, Westport is a fantastic place to relive a time when America thrived. Make your very own flapper jewelry and play some classic 1920s games like jacks and dominoes. 


On the Front: 1940s Camp, August 7th-11th   

Young patriots wanted! Help America’s war effort and learn what everyday kids were doing to aid our country during World War II. Create your own poster—for recruitment or protest. Try your hand at helping create a Victory Garden and learn to make some questionable 40s recipes. 


Looking to the Future Camp, August 14th-18th  

History is happening now! Explore how the past is still affecting the world today. Design a futuristic building using the antique architecture around town, and learn about how the landscape has changed over time and make a map of “new” Westport. 


$275 for members, $300 for non-members. Members may reserve their camp session beginning January 3rd. Nonmember registration begins January 12th. 


Space is limited, reserve your camp spaces today! Registration is required and payment is due with registration. No refunds will be granted for absenteeism. We do not pro-rate for missed days. 


Each in-person camp must have a minimum of 5 children registered in order to run. In the event a camp is canceled due to low enrollment, you will be notified 1 week prior to the first day of the program. A full refund will be issued if the camp is canceled by Westport Museum. 


To cancel a camp registration, an emailed request must be sent to the Museum at least one month before the camp start date. A full refund (minus a $25 processing fee) will be given if requested on time. 


The following documents are required and electronically sent to the Westport Museum no later than one week prior to the start of a program. 


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