Something Old …. is Something New!

April 29th, 2005 until May 15th, 2005

All Day

April 29 – May 15, 2005

HUB and The Westport Historical Society have joined together for Something Old is. . . Something New!, a display in the bank’s lobby and offices including selections from the Society’s collection of vintage fashions and accessories popular in 1900s, most of which have not been on public display for 15 years. A gallery space on HUB’s third floor showcases World War II military uniforms -including Westport’s own Paul Newman’s – in addition to an incredible collection of rare, vintage World War I posters that urge the folks back home to buy V-bonds to support their troops. The new headquarters for Hudson United Bank is a turn of the century-building, circa 1908.

The historic former Town Hall building at 90 Post Road East, circa 1908, is now the new Westport office of Hudson United Bank.
Victorian dress


World War II WAC and Army uniforms


World War II Navy uniforms

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