Making Your Life Story A Treasured Legacy

June 8th, 2013

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Betty and Ralph Sheffer Gallery
Saturday, June 8, 2-3:30pm, Donation: $5
Reservations Strongly Suggested

It’s your life, and you can learn how to turn it into a living legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation Saturday, June 8, at the Westport Historical Society. Suzanne Sheridan and Rozanne Gates of the Westport-based Legacy Project USA will share their expertise on how to tell your life story using readily available technology. “We are all eyewitnesses to history as it unfolds before us,” Gates said, “and we can leave it as a legacy.”

It’s a project people can easily do themselves with consumer audio and video recording equipment, according to Gates. She says it works best if the sessions are informal and relaxed and the subject is speaking as if having a conversation with a friend. “We are all standing on the shoulders of a lot of people,” Gates said, and it is important to know who they were and what they did.

In a recent Legacy recording interview, Gates said a woman told her she was raised by “a tough Irish grandmother, and I’m tough, too. That’s what I grew up with.”Legacy recordings can not only tell future generations what kinds of experiences and character traits an ancestor had, but also reveal important pieces of health information that otherwise might not be known to descendants.

And once a life story has been recorded, it can be transferred to different formats as technology evolves.