Celebrating Our Celebrity Cartoonists

November 24th, 2002 until January 31st, 2003

All Day

November 24, 2002 – January 2003

Local cartoonist Mel Casson displays his collection of holiday cards created by and sent to him from many cartoonists. There is also a display of cards he designed and sent out over the years. The cartoonists include Frank Bolle, Walt Kelly, Chance Brown, Hank Ketcham, Milton Caniff, Fred Lasswell, Randall Enos, Mel Lazarics, Rube Goldberg, Howard Munce, John Groth, Russell Patterson, Hans Wilhelm, Eric Gurney, Mort Walker, Dick Hodgins, Bill Waterson and Roy Doty. Each series of cards represents the history of a family – a new baby, an exciting trip, a new job, sometimes even a new marriage.

Dennis the Menace Psalm card by Hank Ketcham
Beetle Bailey card by Mort Walker