Saugatuck Walking Tour

Saturday, October 6 , 4:00 – 5:00 pm
$10, $8  WHS members; Meet at the Train Station, New York Bound side
Reception to follow at local eatery, For reservations,  call 203-222-1424
A perennial favorite!

Join us for one of our most popular walking tours-the historical Saugatuck area with residents Loretta Santella Hallock and Kathy Romano. Over the course of the 1-hour walking tour, you will discover a local historical area that was once the bustling center of commerce and development, uncover the origins of many historic buildings in the area, and gain insight into the daily lives of Westporters from the early 1800s to present day. Loretta and Kathy will share stories of growing up in one of the original Old Saugatuck Italian families. Our municipal historian Allen Raymond will introduce the tour with old adages of Saugatuck and stories about its colorful past.