Historic House Plaques- House Photos Here

Several years ago the Westport Historical Society started a house plaque program to allow homeowners to show pride in owning historical houses. The plaques identified the original owner of the house and the date of construction. Today Westport has over 217  historical plaques identifying houses that were built over 100 years ago.

To raise more awareness of the history of our town, the Westport Historical Society has embarked on a direct mail campaign to homeowners that have houses which were built over 100 years ago. The material provided includes the historical importance of the house and the proposed house plaque appearance. Homeowners receiving the material can acknowledge the historical value of their house by requesting a handcrafted plaque from the Westport Historical Society. There is a donation of $300 which covers the costs of the plaque and a contribution to the Westport Historical Society.

As House History Chair, Bob Weingarten is in charge of the plaque program. The new program started with letters to 45 town homeowners with houses built over 100 years ago. The response exceeded our expectations and he intends to continue this program since there are over 300 additional homeowners with houses built over 100 years ago. The need to document our historical roots is great. As owners of historic homes, we can establish a precedent of research and care for future generations.

To see our Historic House Plaques by address, click on: http://westporthistory.org/plaque-program/


Houses with plaques from “Honoring Our Heritage” series by address

320 Bayberry Lane

16 Bridge Street

18 Bridge St.

139 Long Lots Road

14 Charcoal Hill Road

81 Clapboard Hill Road

79 Coleytown Road

61 Compo Road North

167A Compo Road South

190 Compo Road South

217 Compo Road South

134 Cross Highway

161 Cross Highway

106 Easton Road

3 Gorham Ave.

6 Gorham Ave.

9 Greenbrier Road

13 Hillandale Road

144 Imperial Ave.

38 Kings Highway North

75 King’s Highway North

109 Kings Highway North

35 Long Lots Road

187 Long Lots Road

276 Main St.

7 Maple Ave. South

26 Morningside Drive South

90 Myrtle Ave.

41 Old Road

210 Post Road

15 Sprucewood Lane

7 Sunrise Road

2 Washington Ave.

6 Wild Rose Road

16 Woodside Ave.