Susan Gold, Executive Director
Phone: 203-222-1424 x 105

Sue GoldSC_7935 Susan joined the WHS staff in 2004 as Education Co-ordinator/ Director. Susan became the Executive   Director in January 2007. A former Program Director at the Lockwood-Matthews Manson Museum Susan  co-ordinated a host of successful programs at WHS, including children’s vacation programs, Time   Travelers Summer Program, walking tours and educational seminars for the community. “Our programs are  about engaging kids to come away with a fact or experience that they will want to share with their friends  and family. We want people to think of WHS as a welcoming place that is worth visiting many times  throughout the year”.



Elizabeth Petrie DeVoll, Director of Education
Phone: 203-222-1424 x108                                             


Elizabeth, a Westport artist and educator, or “Miss Elizabeth” as known by her students, has been teaching  art in the area for more than 20 years.  Ms. DeVoll  runs all of our children’s vacation, holiday & summer   programs as well as the art direction of WHS exhibits.


Barbara Peck, Assistant Director
Phone: 203-222-1424 x 106


 Barbara joined  Westport Historical Society in January 2007. A former administrator in theater  management, she has overseen hundreds of national tours for the educational field including drama,  comedy and ethnic dance performances. Barbara is also the General Manager at The  Fairfield County  Children’s Choir when not at WHS.  She lives in Trumbull and has two grown daughters.



Mimi Burroughs, Gift Shop Manager
Phone: 203-222-1424 x100

Mimi Burroughs  

 Mimi joined Westport Historical Society in 2010 as a volunteer but soon became a member of the  WHS staff  managing the gift shop.  Mimi comes to us with 20 years experience in graphic design  from Brooks Community   Newspapers.