The Westport Historical Society offers engaging programs for Brownies, Junior Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts, enabling participants to complete many badges.  Each program includes a fun hands-on activity and stimulating educational presentations and learning activities.  A WHS staff member and/or guest facilitator implements the programs.  Healthy snacks are provided.  Depending on the badge and the activities selected, most badges can be completed in one visit. 

All programs are held at the Westport Historical Society, generally between 3:30-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, although other arrangements can be made, such as on shortened school days.  For more information, please contact Elizabeth DeVoll, WHS Education Director at 203-222-1424. 

Cost:  $10 per scout (includes snack and materials)

We continuously design new badges, so please call Elizabeth if you have specific questions or requests.  In addition, we will customize programs to meet the interests of the specific scout groups. 

Many badges enable scouts to meet with town officials and other important people in the community, and these walking trips and meetings are customized for each troop.