Oral History

Our Oral History Collection has about 300 audiotaped and a dozen or so videotaped interviews with new ones added almost every month. All new interviews are being videotaped and stored on disks. If you would like information about any of the interviews, or have suggestions for people to be interviewed, please contact the Historical Society at 203-222-1424 or view the description of the collection using the link, click here. We do not have transcripts, but you may come to WHS to listen to or view the interviews. We can make disc copies of the videotaped interviews. They cost $10 each, which includes postage. Contact the Historical Society if you are interested in purchasing a disc.  







https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIt5NGiIhAs&feature=youtu.be https://youtu.be/hkHV9pvtXBw



Virtual Exhibit

Peter Michael Gish Interview

The Lee Lorenz & M.Maslin New Yorker Magazine Interview

Max’s Art Supplies


Ron Malone Interview


Community Garden Video


Literary Heritage Tour of Westport

WHS 2013 Exhibit: Treasures Revealed!

from David Littell on Vimeo.
A special presentation of the Faces Behind the Treasures
John Hartwell, Videographer David Littell, Videographer & Editor

Harry Audley Interview

Ted Diamond Interview

Jo Fox Interview

Lee Greenberg

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Elwood Betts

Norm Bloom & Son

Virtual Exhibit ~ Oyster Harvesting History