Officers and Directors

Westport Historical Society
2014 Board of Directors and Advisory Council

Edward F. Gerber
Vice-President – Finance
Phillip M. Johnson
Vice President – Facilities
Peter Jennings
Vice-President – Membership
Leigh Gage
Vice-President – Sponsors
Robert Mitchell
Michaela MacColl
Sarah Menchaca
Director- Archives
Katie Chase
Director-Archives Research
Sara Krasne
Past President
Susan Walton Wynkoop
Director-Collections & Volunteers
Barbara Van Orden
Director-Costumes & Tours
Cheryl Bliss
Director -Development Strategy
Jeffrey Ruden
Brian O’Leary
Director Holiday House Tour
Cate Tiefenthaler
Director – Official Historian
Allen Raymond
Advisory Council
Joni Andrews, Louis Albanese, Ken Bernhard, Jeffrey Burns, Miggs Burroughs, Dorothy E. Curran, Mark DeCruccio, Roy Dickinson, Jay Dirnberger, Don Draves, Gordon Joseloff, Sue Kirby, Woody Klein, Margaret LeBedis, Anne Levine, Dave Matlow, Karley Meltzer, Ellen Naftalin, Kristan Peters-Hamlin, Eve Potts, Sally Rose, Jane Sherman, Jo Shields, Ann Sheffer, LIsa SEidenberg, Dave Soriano, Bob Weingarten, Jo Fuchs Luscombe, Kathleen Malloy, Kendall Smith, Lawrence Untermeyer, Dianne Wildman, Wally Woods, Denise Woods

Honorary Advisory Council
Maxine Bleiweis,Jim Marpe
2014Nominating Committee-
Susan Wynkoop, Chair; Jo Fuchs-Luscombe, Molly Alger, Kristan Peters-Hamlin, Ex-officio, Edward F. Gerber, WHS President


Executive Director
Susan Gold
Education Director
Elizabeth DeVoll
Barbara Peck Brauner
Gift Shop Manager
Olivia Yule and Mimi Burroughs

Annual  Reports