Historical House Plaque Program

During 2012 thirteen plaques were created by the WHS for Westport homeowners to honor the heritage of our town.  Of the thirteen plaques, five were recently delivered, signifying several key historic factors.  Normally a WHS plaque celebrates a house history if it was built 100 years ago, as two of the five plaques identify.  But plaques are also created for houses that are over 50 years old if significant events occurred in the house, a significant architect designed the house, a significant Westport family owned/built the house, a significant renowned person (i.e., an artist, musician, writer, politician, businessperson, researcher, etc.) lived in the house, or the house was recognized by the town, such as receiving a Preservation Award.

Of these five houses receiving plaques, two were built over 100 years ago (Jennings House, Haight-Kemper House), one was designed by a well known architect (Barry Bryne), was lived in by a well known pianist/actor (Oscar Levant), and also received a town Preservation Award.  One of the younger houses was lived in by a famous jazz musician (John Mehegan) and the other one was built by a key well-known Westport family (Gilbertie).  Content on plaques may include a commonly known name, such as “Tannery Cottage,”  as for the house built c.1835.  To find out how you can add a plaque to your historic home, click on: Plaque Program