WHS Annual Meeting

Winter House 2013 6

The  Annual Meeting of the Westport Historical Society will be held in the Raymond Room of the Society, 25 Avery Place, on Sunday January 26, 2014 at 1:30 pm. All current members of the Society are invited to attend.  Those interested in becoming members should pick up a membership form at the Society or you may join on line.   The 2013 Annual Report will be presented and the slate of Officers, Directors & Advisory Council for 2014 will be elected.

Opening Reception of our newest exhibit to follow in our gallery.

Board & AC Slate for 2014

 Board of Directors

President, Edward F. Gerber
Vice President-Finance, Phillip M. Johnson
Executive Vice President, open
Vice-President -Facilities, Peter Jennings
Secretary, Michaela MacColl
Treasurer, Sarah Menchaca
Vice President-Membership, Jane Sherman
Vice-President, Sponosrs, Robert Mitchell
Past President, Susan Walton Wynkoop
Director-Archives, Katie Chase
Director-Archives Research: Sara Krasne
Director -Collections & Volunteers, Barbara Van Orden
Director – Development Strategy, Jeffrey Ruden
Director-Communications, Leigh Gage
Director-Costumes & Tours, Cheryl Bliss
Director – Exhibits, Laurence Untermeyer
Director – Exhibits Research, Brian O’Leary
Director – Holiday House Tour: Cate Tiefenthaler
Director – Official Historian, Allen Raymond

Advisory Council: Joni Andrews, Lou Albanese, Ken Bernhard, Jeffrey Burns, Miggs Burroughs, Dorothy E. Curran, Mark DeCruccio, Roy Dickinson, Jay Dirnberger, Don Draves,  Sue Kirby, Woody Klein, Margaret LeBedis, Anne Levine, Dave Matlow, Ellen Naftalin, Kristan Peters-Hamlin, Eve Potts, Sally Rose, Jo Shields, Ann Sheffer, Lisa Seidenberg, Dave Soriano, Bob Weingarten, Jo Fuchs-Luscombe, Kathleen Malloy,  Kendall Smith,  Wally & Denise Woods.

Honorary Advisory Council: Maxine Bleiweis, Jim Marpe

2014 Nominating Committee:
  Susan Wynkoop, Chair; Dorothy Curran, Pat Porio, Dianne Wildman, Cecile Newberg

Ex-officio: Susan Wynkoop, WHS President